About Xstream Profiles

Xstream Profiles are based in Kerikeri in the Bay Of Islands they have the answer to quick, hassle free cutting.

Wouldn’t life be simple if you could cut any material, thick or thin, without heat affecting the material.

Xstream Profiles use state of the art OMAX Jet Machining Center from the USA which offer the fastest precision cutting in the industry.

Omax’s abrasive technology provides higher hydraulic power at the nozzle and better jet stream control which is a proven combination that can accurately cut complex geometries and corners with efficiency and speed.

We offer an impressive profile cutting service which is quick, cost effective, high quality and to meet your specification.

We also can cut metal, stone, plastics, composites, glass, ceramics, foams, wood, rubber and more for you no matter where you are we have customers all across New Zealand and International too.

Water Jet Cutting is when water is pressurized up to 60,000 psi, abrasive particles can be mixed into the stream of water enabling this process to then cut harder materials along with just water used on softer materials giving this process virtually any material to be cut.