Stainless Steel Fantail Bird & Pohutukawa Tree


Kiwi Bird and Flax

Made from 316 marine grade stainless steel – with an added touch of stunning satin glass coloured acrylic

Fantail Bird sat in the Pohutukawa Tree with vibrant red flowers  – approx size 460 mm x 495 mm. Fixing holes and spacers are provided, these then give them a great look.

These pieces are stunning and you can fix them either inside or outside your home


Stainless Steel Fantail & Pohutukawa Flower

Introducing our new Bird Artwork designs for 2020 all are beautiful pieces with an added touch of colour.

Made from marine grade 316 Stainless Steel with satin glass coloured acrylic added

these pieces look very cool and striking with their bright colors added

Our new bird range has 4 designs to choose from

Kereru sat among the Orange Berries   –    approx size 529mm x 458mm

Tui sat among the yellow Kowhai Flowers – approx size 480mm x 453mm

Fantail sat with the red Pohutukawa Flowers –  approx size 485mm 465mm

Kiwi Bird stood in among the Red Flax – approx size 460mm x 495mm

The circles have been made to all fit inside our 500 mm cardboard box –  (main stainless steel circle is 450 mm  Dia )

They have 2 x fixing holes and come with metal spacers so they sit out slightly from any surface so you can then attach them giving it a great look sat away from any surface

They come in a sturdy cardboard box and because of this make it so easy for shipping and travelling around.



Additional information

Dimensions 500 × 500 cm


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